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Smart management and control

The essence of good collaboration lies in clear agreements at the handover point: most mistakes are made where the output of one person becomes the input for another. Often as a result of a misunderstanding. That’s where Comm’ant’s focus lies. We like to dress up these input/outputs with the most important management aspects. These include documents with work instructions, applicable standards or requirements, the risks that may or may not be run, the computer systems that are used and any performance agreements.

Documents and knowledge assets

Document management: the right version in the right place

Document management is indispensable for organizations. We create and mail an enormous amount of documents every day. An enormous amount of knowledge is packed into them. But what is the latest version? Have I not passed it on to you yet? These situations are very recognizable. Soon they are in different places and in different versions. The Comm’ant system offers you a process-oriented organisation of the important documents with one rule: you will always find the latest version in Comm’ant.

That saves you a lot of time… and money.

Standards and requirements

Your organization undoubtedly has to deal with various performance requirements. These may be institutionalized standards (such as ISO, CSR, BRL, VCA, Performance Ladders etc) or in-company established policies.

With Comm’ant you literally put the requirements into the system. Why? To establish the link and to make connections to processes, process results and other items visible. This not only creates a good overview for yourself, but also for the other disciplines and your colleagues. The administrator can immediately see if any links are missing.

We offer the possibility to deliver the various standard standards already installed. Read more about it here.

Risks and controls

What risks are there? Where are those risks located? Do you want to take measures? If so, what measures? 

Link risks directly to the process or to the output, very simple and mandatory in the ISO 9001:2015.

Systems and tools

Systems, applications and forms are necessary in every organization. But where do you use which ones? And which systems are critical to the primary processes?

One overview based on the business processes with all relevant information and, where possible, a direct link to the tool in question: this will make your IT department really happy. Make it easily available with Comm’ant.

Performance and indicators

Performance agreements, you can’t do without them to gain insight for an improvement. Because measuring = knowing & recording = learning! For which components does the agreement apply?

Link the performance agreement directly to the components to be measured in the process. What do you want to measure and why? Based on that, the right measurements and outcomes for improvement will come. This is necessary for any organization that really wants to improve.

Would you like to experience working with Comm’ant X directly? Request an online demo. It will cost you some time, but will give you so much insight!