Practical and efficient

set up a management system

Easy approach & support

Implementing a new management system involves a lot. Maybe you already have experience with it, but maybe not yet. We will help you with a smart approach, a clear step-by-step plan and quite a few best practices so that you don’t forget any essentials. Because if the basis is right, you will fly automatically!

We like to support you, but we also want your team to get familiar with the method and tools as soon as possible.

  • Step 1 – we make a plan and timetable together

  • Step 2 – we map out which processes have already been described, which need to be thought about from scratch (and with whom!) and everything in between

  • Step 3 – we train everyone who will work on the content of the management system

  • Step 4 – we map out a number of processes together, sticking to our adage: we’ll show you how, you’ll mimic it, you’ll do it yourself

  • Step 5 – we evaluate progress together and decide where necessary, a bit more support or less

  • Step 6 – Yeah! We’re having a party! Your management system is ready to be presented to your colleagues and put into use

Of course, we support the implementation with our own tools: we have developed a very handy online Comm’ant Easy progress monitor with our Comm’ant X Forms. This way, we keep a grip on the development of your management system together.

Process Model Canvas

Are you and your team going to start all fresh with the mapping of your process or do you want to sit down and fine tune it? We have developed a very handy practical tool for that: Process Model Canvas, or PMC for short.

The ingredients? A large pre-printed A0 sheet (the canvas), several special post-its and a checklist for the most important questions and the answers you need to find. Together, with one important premise: “Start with the end in mind.” (Usually that is a satisfied customer…).

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