Industries & sectors fit like a glove

The Comm’ant management system is used in numerous industries and sectors. In fact, any organisation can work with our tools. Comm’ant delivers immediate benefits wherever people collaborate. By focusing on the transfer moment, the exchange of information between people. This is where most misunderstandings, ambiguities and therefore mistakes occur. These can be prevented by making clear agreements and recording them in the process.

  • Construction & Infrastructure

    Characterized by projects involving complex partnerships. So it’s best to have your mutual agreements well organized and clearly understood.

  • Manufacturing

    Top specialists who often face tough competition and ditto contract requirements and standards.

  • (Semi-)government

    Servant, in an environment that deals with and is accountable to numerous stakeholders.

  • Medical instruments

    Accurate and meticulous with great direct responsibility, where you cannot afford to make mistakes.

  • Chemical industry

    High-tech and innovative but strongly bound by laws and regulations and focus on risk & control

  • Healthcare

    Heart for the patient but with constant pressure on budget and capacity.

Common motives for getting started with Comm’ant

Certification is a must but often a recurring torment. If you have mapped out your organization and processes with Comm’ant, the annual audits and providing the corresponding proof are a “walk in the park”.

We are growing explosively. Your organisation is outgrowing its size and it is high time to take a good look at the internal agreements (how we actually work). With Comm’ant, you not only set up the system, you also make the necessary information findable in no time. Your knowledge is secured and new colleagues get off to a flying start.

We need to cut costs. The competition is fierce, things have to be done smarter, faster and with fewer mistakes. With Comm’ant, you map out your business processes clearly and quickly identify the profit drivers.

The quality has to improve. Because if we deliver better products, we can also charge more for them. It’s high time to take a critical look at the processes and look for improvements together with the team. With Comm’ant, you do not just optimise your process once, but you also organise a continuous improvement cycle.

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