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Privacy Statement


Comm’ant values the protection of personal information of the visitors of her site and is aware that these visitors are essential to its activities and existence. All personal data of visitors will therefore be treated and secured with great caution.

Collecting personal data

Comm’ant stores and uses your data only for the services we offer and for sending any requested information, for example: publications, subscriptions or any other services or contacts. This personal data contains:

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In addition we can use your information to inform you about interesting products or services of Comm’ant and/or carefully selected other parties. Comm’ant attempts to take into account your interests and preferences.

If you do not wish to receive information about products and services, you can notify Comm’ant in writing. Send a message with your personal information to Comm’ant, Marketing departments, Joan Muyskenweg 92, 1114, AN Amsterdam, or an e-mail to marketing@commant.com. We will delete your information. In case of direct mailings, you will find the link to unsubscribe for that mailinglist at the bottom of the message.

Usage of Cookies

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If you do not want to accept cookies, you will always have the possibility to indicate this in your browser (by choosing the option ‘cookies off’). If you turn of cookies, it is possible that certain functionalities do not work or that you will not be able to use certain services.


This declaration is not applicable to sites of third parties who are connected to this site through links. We cannot guarantee that third parties use your personal information in a reliable and secure way. Before you use sites of third parties, we advise you to read their privacy statements as well.


Comm’ant preserves the right to make amendments to this privacy statement. Therefore, check the Comm’ant privacy statement from time to time.

This privacy statement was last adjusted in: february 2022

Please mention possible amendments/inadequacies/improvements to us at: info@commant.com