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With Comm’ant’s software for process management and quality management, it’s method and smart tools, you’ll arrange everything needed for a living management system in no time. For securing quality and knowledge, improving collaboration, managing risk, controlling complex projects and much more… in one platform that is used by everyone everywhere. The answer to the question “how have we arranged this?” is always found with a few clicks of the mouse.

Comm’ant Process

software for practical process management

Map out your existing processes, harmonize them, design new processes and keep them in place. With the smart tools from Comm’ant. And above all: make them immediately clear to all your colleagues. No more ambiguity about the working agreements: this is how we do our business….

Comm’ant Forms

software for digitizing registration processes

Organize continuous improvement (PDCA) with smart web forms, workflows and comprehensive reporting. For example for registering complaints, deviations but also for facilitating audits and toolbox meetings…

Comm’ant Easy

smart approach for sustainable implementation

Our sophisticated step-by-step plan – based on the years of experience of our process experts – not only helps with the implementation of your new management system, but also ensures that your system stays vivid…

One integrated system for diverse applications

qualityprocessriskknowledge management

Take it easy: Get started quickly with…

CX Easy™ implementation planProcess Model Canvas™Rapid process prototyping

Describe your processes and regulate registrations with the proven method and software tools. This gives employees clarity about the frameworks, requirements and expectations in terms of output. They retain the professional space needed to flexibly achieve their goals.
The processes and clear transfer moments ensure quality and better cooperation. Develop your organization with the Comm’ant Management System.

Why get started with Comm’ant?

Our clients’ experience with Comm’ant management systems goes back more than 20 years. Since that time, processes have been designed and described, clear insights have been created and, as a result, far fewer mistakes have been made, there has been far better cooperation and enormous costs have been saved.

Numerous organizations preceded you in construction, industry, trade and (semi-) government…

What's in it for the quality managerthe manager operationsthe financial controllerme

Challenges for

Quality / Compliance

“How do we ensure that our people work as agreed?”

“How do I prove that we are meeting customer/stakeholder requirements?”

“How do I facilitate PDCA / continuous improvement management?”

Comm’ant provides …

  • processes and responsibilities clear and accessible
  • standards, requirements, risks and KPIs insightful
  • deviations, complaints, audits, improvement proposals organized

And in doing so…

  • comply with customer specifications and regulations
  • efficiently control and certify against the standards and requirements
  • control the development and improvement process

Challenges for

Operations / Management

“How do I keep my people aware, engaged and competent?”

“How do I manage increasing complexity and variations?”

“How to keep track of progress and deviations?”

Comm’ant provides…

  • overview, insight and perspective on the processes and information handovers
  • a single framework for accessible process knowledge and instruction
  • registration tools for the process execution and PDCA

And in doing so…

  • train and evaluate from a central platform
  • inform employees functionally from a single source of knowledge
  • collaborate with an easy accessible system

Challenges for

Finance / Control

“How do I ensure that we are alert and manage risk?”

“How do we keep a better grip on cost of failure?”

“How do I establish demonstrable control in the processes?”

Comm’ant provides…

  • an integrated process control system
  • a registration platform for deviations and audits
  • a tool for instruction and self-control

And in doing so…

  • aligning requirements and measures with the processes
  • testing processes, systems and behavior
  • developing aware & competent personnel

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