Dedicated to peopleprocessperformance

Founded in 1992

With a clear vision and a razor-sharp mission: to improve the collaboration of people. We achieve this with our integrated result-driven process model, user-friendly software tools and a practical approach.

Our most important starting point was that the software had to be accessible to everyone (i.e. web-based) and above all understandable. Not just for managers and specialists.

Comm’ant X – for the next generation and the next and the next

In 2019, the complete software platform was redeveloped and expanded with integrated tools for digitizing registration processes and the workflow that goes with them. But that development never stops. Day in and day out, our developers are working on new innovations big and small.

Inventors of the Process Model Canvas

Many people are familiar with the Business Model Canvas: a perfect method for preparing your company for the future at a strategic level. But we wanted to go further. Because how do you follow through with your strategy? How do you execute it?

With the Process Model Canvas, you work out the Key Activities of your BMC into practical processes that have only one goal in mind: a customer/stakeholder that says WOW! Read more about PMC here »