Multi-site certification optimized

If your company has several sites that all need to have the necessary ISO certifications, as a QHSE manager you run into some serious challenges. Especially if those branches are also based internationally.

Multi-site or group certification can then be a relief: it saves you enormous certification costs. At the same time, it requires a considerable effort in communication and coordination.

Our advice is: let a smart integrated management system take work away from you by supporting you with a centrally driven approach to documentation, records and reporting, among other things.


One centralized management system

The business case for multi-site certification is definitely profitable when you oversee the process and work with a smart “centrally driven – decentrally applied” management system.

  • A centralized system for process descriptions with room for local specialization, where necessary in their own language
  • Customized and multilingual document management
  • Local data collection in a central system (registration of audits, complaints, incidents and improvements, for example)
  • Centralized analysis and reporting

Bonus: optimizing business operations

Besides saving you an enormous amount of time and expense during the annual certification process, you’ll discover that the centralized approach also gives you the ability to harmonize business processes and all the benefits that come with that for improved operations. Because what works well for that one site can be applied directly to another much more quickly.

We previously outlined the benefits and challenges in multi-site certifications in a comprehensive blog.

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