Process management the easy way

Increased effectiveness and efficiency, learning and improvement, common language, smooth cooperation with chain partners and so on. All known advantages of process management. But if you traditionally manage from the hierarchy, on the targets of the department manager, you automatically also manage on the departmental result that he can influence. The disadvantage of this is that you do not steer integrally on the optimization of the process chain and the chain result.

Process management with Comm’ant solves this problem and is the best approach for

  • controlling the processes in the chain
  • managing the people in the organisation
  • steering integrally with targets and management aspects.

Comm’ant makes business processes and process chains transparent and manageable for excellent results. How can you manage for results?

Effectiveness and efficiency

Focusing on the result for the customer is the main rule to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Since processes play a crucial role in business operations, it is important to manage them. By means of Business Process Management Software, processes are first mapped out. This chain overview is the starting point for improving the processes.

Where are the bottlenecks and who takes care of them?

Years of practical experience and research have shown that 80% of the mistakes are made during transfer moments, the moment that the result of one process is transferred to the next process. Most communication errors occur in this phase. This miscommunication occurs because it has not been established who is responsible for what. The internal or external customer-supplier agreements are not clear. Expectations do not match, resulting in disappointment and frustration that undermine performance.
If you use this insight to make a good process description and hold transfer moments against the light, you want the output of process A to be the same as the input for process B. Who makes it, checks and receives it, and what do you need to pay attention to in order to do it right the first time?

The right solution!

So most errors within a process occur during the transfer moments. A good process management system offers a solution here. A system that focuses on those transfer moments and maps out the processes with a smart drawing tool and continuously stimulates process improvement. This will save you a lot of unnecessary work and therefore a lot of money.

Comm’ant Process management system

At the heart of Comm’ant Process is a relational database: always automatically consistent. This means that if something changes in location A and this would also have consequences in other locations, these are also automatically updated. This saves you a lot of time, so you can focus on the content. Comm’ant shows, whenever you want, an up-to-date overview of the chains of activities. Within one second, you know who is responsible for what. It also shows the bottlenecks and blind spots. Comm’ant is based on a result-oriented process model, in which you can easily adapt information to new circumstances. With Comm’ant, process management becomes tangible, effective and practical.

Rapid prototyping

Comm’ant Process offers you smart development tools that allow you to visually design your process at lightning speed. In no time you have colleagues on board to optimize the end-to-end process chain together.

Integral process model

With Comm’ant’s result-oriented process model, you connect all management aspects directly to the process. Think of: systems, responsibilities, KPIs, risks and measures, standards and requirements, knowledge and instructions.

Get inspired

Why invent the wheel yourself, when you can use the Comm’ant best practice example processes. Draw on our experience and apply this proven knowledge to create your ultimate process.

Experience how to apply Process Management with Comm’ant in your organization?

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